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GRIM REAPER: personification of death [chapter 3]

GRIM REAPER: personification of death|UPDATE 3

 The memory of what happen yesterday was still very fresh to hyukjae, donghae’s identity confession, the kissing and his soul leaving his body are still clearly pictured out, especially the kiss, it was his first after all. He ruffled his hair at the thought and palms his face to hide the embarrassment.
“oppa, is there a problem?” the girl sitting across the table asked hyukjae. The other looks up immediately and shook his head childishly. Hyukjae frowns and replied “you should call me appa now. I told you I will adopt you.” He reminded the girl.
After the old guy die, hyukjae decided to own the girl and change her name to lee, he would adopt her and claim her as his daughter to have the legal protection rights to the girl. With siwon’s help he doesn’t even sweat in the process, siwon also help him talking to the girl and explaining everything to her. It’s not hard either, the girl was smart and by her early age she knows the consequences of life. She said that she knew that everyone would die, even her. She open heartedly accepts the fact that nothing will last forever and in the end you alone will have to be strong and stand for yourself. It sounds so cruel to hear such thing to a girl of 6 years of age, but hyukjae doesn’t complain, by this his task of explaining was made easier. But part of him wished that somehow the girl should not be this smart because he know that later the girl will broke and he can do nothing but rub comforting circles at her back.
He walks to the girl and give her a big hug, “trust me, everything would be fine.” Hyukjae whispered to the girl. “I know appa. I trust you.” The girl replied with her wide smile and a soft peck on hyukjae’s cheek.
“appa, doctor lee told me that his sessions with me were over. He said today would be the last check up.” The girl reminded hyukjae. Hyukjae feels a sudden pinch in his chest. ‘so this means this is the last day I could see him, but I have to ask him more questions.’ Hyukjae thought. and right on time the door bell rings.
Donghae walks in casually, waves at the girl and starts the check up. Hyukjae ignore the cold aura coming from donghae and right after the check up he tell the girl to go to the kitchen again and ask donghae to follow him to the study room.
“what do you want again mr. lee?” donghae ask a touch of irritation on his tone.
“hyukjae.” Hyukjae replied blankly.
“what?” donghae ask confused. “my name is hyukjae.” Hyukjae bows hi head. “mr lee I know that your name is hyukjae—“ he was cut. “if you know then call me hyukjae!” hyukjae look up and shouts at the other. Donghae smirks at the high pitch voice. “ok hyukjae, what do you want?”
“why’d do you tell me your identity when you know that you won’t need to meet my daughter everyday?” hyukjae was all serious again, eyes looking straight at donghae.
“you know you’re more difficult than a girl hyukjae, yesterday you were asking about my identity that’s why I tell you and now you’re asking me why did I tell you. Are playing with me? Because if you are I have no time, you see im a doctor and a reaper at the same time. im a very busy guy.” donghae said casually.
“im sorry, it’s just really confusing. You’re right, you’re a reaper and a doctor at the same time. you’re taking souls and saving lives, I don’t really get it.”
“you’re watching too much television. Reapers don’t take souls just because they want to; it’s our job to guide souls. We’re not killing people; we’re just taking souls from people who are supposed to die. And as for the saving thing, im not saving them, it’s just that it’s still not their time. now is that clear? I have to go. And stop bothering me.” he walks passed hyukjae and towards the door only to be stop by hyukjae. Hyukjae stood in front of donghae arms spread sideways.
“I can’t help it. curiosity would kill me, I need to know more about you.”
“if curiosity killed you, I would be happy to guide your soul.” Donghae half joked.
“stop joking! You get me involve with your kind you must take responsibility and satisfy my questions.”
And in a blink of an eye hyukjae was face to face with donghae. “I didn’t ask you to get involve hyukjae, it’s you who insists. But you know you’re right I can’t leave you with the knowledge about me so I will take it away.” donghae whispered sensually to hyukjae’s ears. “w-what do you me-nnhn” hyukjae wasn’t able to finish his statement by the time donghae pulls him closer and crashed their lips. Hyukjae was again in shocked he was steady for a moment until he regained consciousness and tried to push donghae away but it was no use, donghae is holding him tight against his body. Hyukjae felt donghae’s tongue parting his lips, he closed his lips tightly only to be bitten by donghae. He moans at the sudden pressure which gives donghae all access to his mouth. Donghae slip his tongue in and starts to look for the particular muscle and when he found he start sucking at it hungrily.
Hyukjae felt the same sensation he had from yesterday’s kiss. He feeling of being sucked out off his body. He closed his eyes as he started to be dizzy. “I’ll take everything.” Donghae said once he let go hyukjae but it was just a second, only giving hyukjae a chance to breathe in air. Hyukjae feels light headed whether from lost of air or from the pleasure of donghae’s kiss he doesn’t know. He was lost; all thoughts are blurry and started to messed in his brain. The feeling of lack of air comes to him again but this time donghae doesn’t let him go and minutes more of sucking his breathing hitch and he fainted.
He was alone, standing on the dark nude and cold. He wrapped his own arms to his body and cuddled him self hoping to feel better. Tears starts to fall, ‘im scared. Im incomplete.’ He whispered to himself but he was shock when he felt warm arms hugging him from behind. “I’ll guide you.” He hear him whisper, he turns his head and see a very pretty man wearing a white cloak, so white you could see him shine from the dark, the guy was very familiar yet for some reason he can’t remember where’d he met him yet he knows he could trust him with his whole heart. “im scared.” He said to the guy and cuddled closer. “I’m here. I’ll guide you back. It’s not yet your time.” hyukjae nods and then comes a blinding light. He closed his eyes tightly to avoid the light and when he woke up he was not naked anymore, he’s wearing a hospital gown and he was lying on the bed.
“hyukkie!” he hears someone. He looks to the direction of the voice and sees siwon. “you’re awake.” Siwon pulls him to a hug. “I thought I would lose you.” He could feel the other shaking and chest moving fast telling that the other is nervous.
“what happened?” hyukjae asked.
“you fainted, but luckily donghae was there in your house and he was able to make first aid things. They other doctors said you could have died but donghae said that you’ll be fine. He was really god’s messenger.” Siwon explained. Hyukjae blink his eyes trying to remember what happen earlier.
Hyukjae’s pov.
I feel weird. Donghae? Oh doctor lee donghae, the famous doctor. Now I remember, he went to our house to check my daughter’s condition and after that I talked to him and he said that she’s perfectly fine but he told me I should get some rest because my body is weak and I look pale, then what happened next? I fainted? Yeah, he said I fainted. But I feel so weird right now, I feel incomplete, as if a very big and important part of me is missing. But what is it?
“hyukkie, is there something bothering you?” I hear siwon asked me. I look at him and saw the worry covering his face. I shook my head and place my hand on top of his. “im fine. Maybe the doctor is right. I need some rest.”
“not only maybe. Im always right.” I hear someone from the door I look up to that direction and recognized it was doctor lee. I bow my head politely as a sign of greeting. He smiled and walk to us. “you need some rest hyukjae. You’re killing yourself, have a break.” He pats my shoulder and motioned to siwon to follow him out.
Once they were gone, I can’t help but to think that donghae has something to do with the feeling of lost but I can’t figure out what is it. I tried remembering but it just makes my head spin and i guess I fainted again.
End of pov
Hyukjae was released from the hospital and driving with siwon home, he feels as if someone is following their car. He taps siwon to get his attention. “what hyukkie?”—“I could feel like someone’s-“ siwon cut him. “yes, there is. Be calm I’ve notice it earlier.”—“what are we supposed to do?” siwon cups hs cheeks and smiles at him making hyukjae confuse. “stay calm. Im here remember?” hyukjae nods at siwons assurance.
Siwon took his phone and punch in the number of the nearest police station. He calls for back up and stops the car once he knows that the area would be beneficial to him. he waits and luckily the police were fast, he asked the cops to follow them and serve as their back up. On the middle of the trip one of the police notices the car tailing siwon’s and hyukjae’s car. They asked for a made-up inspection and realized that the guys are loaded with guns.
The cops alarmed siwon and told them to be fast while the police are handling the bad guys. They were brought to the jail and asked several questions, later then the cops learned that the guys were assassin hired to kill hyukjae. They were asked who hired them but they stay still and stubbornly keep their mouths shot.
In siwon’s and hyukjae, hyukjae was still feeling that as if someone is looking at him following his every move. He looks on every direction in search of the culprit but he failed. He pinches his cheeks and told himself that he’s just imagining things. Siwon on the other hand was very worried towards hyukjae’s attitude but he just let it passed thinking that may be hyukjae was still tired.
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