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ACT: halloween entry

Title: ACT
Author: kimochi501
Pairing: hankyung/Heechul [HanChul]
Side-pairings: sj couples
Genre: fail!crack, fail!horror
Rating: pg-13
Summary: perfect plan, perfect act and everything seem to be just right until…
a/n: this is my entry for Halloween and im planning to submit it some fic challenges. Im hoping for you comments. This is my first time making a scary fic everything is fail.



“hannnniiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee~” Heechul shouted as he run towards the said guy.  it’s October and it means vacation so hankyung decided to go to korea to visit the others. His job, performing alone on stage was really tiring and his body demands rest and he thought of going to korea as an escape and at the same time to see his friends. “what brought you here?” Heechul glomps at hankyung, who landed of the floor, butt first.

“I need some rest. I asked my manager to allow me to leave for a month, And im here for Donghae’s birthday, by the way, how are you guys doing here?” hankyung looks up to the other guys circling them. They all smile in response but Heechul frown a bit and punch hankyung’s right arm. “ouch! That hurts.” Hankyung hissed in pain and glared at Heechul who’s now standing and preparing to walk out. “hey! You’re the one who punch me! aren’t you going to say something?” he said following heechul’s moves.

“I hate you bastard! Get out of here or you’ll exchange face with a pumpkin and be ready for Halloween!” Heechul said as he glared back at the guy who’s still sitting on the floor. “hey! What’s wrong with you? You’re missing me earlier and now you’re sulking at me.” hankyung stood up immediately, grabbing heechul’s arm to turn him. “it’s your fault! You’re here for Donghae’s birthday but you didn’t even show your shadow last july 10! I hate you!” hankyung chuckled and hug Heechul tightly. “how childish.” Then he place a soft kiss on Heechul’s flushed face.

“aiishhh~~ you two, get a room.” Leeteuk shouted as he goes to his room “by the way. Kyung, donghae won’t be celebrating his birthday here. We will go to Italy this October.” Hankyun let’s go of Heechul and follows Leeteuk immediately.  He talks with Leeteuk about lots of things and their vacation in Italy. After explaining everything, hankyung replies with a nod and asked “so this means it would be only heenim and me here?” hankyung eyed Heechul on the corner and smiled sheepishly. “I don’t know actually but … yeah I guess you’ll be alone here. But as far as I know Heechul is set to fly to America to meet someone.” Leeteuk follows hankyung’s eye and spots Heechul.

“oh hyung! I won’t be in America anymore. Manager told me that kibum won’t need me so it’s ok if I stay.” Heechul goes to hankyung’s side and hug the other’s arm. “well then, so we’ll leave the dorms to you. Make sure you won’t do something stupid while we’re gone, ok? Kyung?” Heechul ang hankyung nod simultaneously.


Two days passed since Leeteuk, the eunhae couple and the maknaes went to Italy leaving hankyung and Heechul on the 12th floor and yesung and shindong downstairs. Yesung and shindong rarely goes up and bond with them since they’re busy with their scheduled shows same with siwon who’s busy shooting Athena which means the two have so much time for each other. They use this time to compensate with their lost time together.

The two would cook together and eat happily, exchanging stories and then when they got bored they will watch movie in the living room and cuddle. Days pass like this and they’re contented on what’s happening between them until one fateful night.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Heechul shouted as he saw a very terrifying scene on the movie they’re watching. Hankyung immediately runs from the kitchen to the living room to check on Heechul. “heenim what’s wrong?”

“fuck this movie! It’s so scary. Don’t leave me alone here please.” Heechul said fitting himself on hankyung’s strong arms. “but how will I cook if I stay here?”—“turn that movie off. I’ll go with you in the kitchen.”—“aishh~ you’re being lazy.” Hankyung replied as he turns the tv and dvd off.

They walk together to the kitchen with Heechul clinging on hankyung’s arm firmly. Once they reach the kitchen, hankyung started chopping the vegetables and hissed as Heechul yanks his arm. “how can I cook properly If you keep on yanking my arms off?” he ask Heechul sarcastically. Heechul lets him go and frown. “I hate you.” He whispered but makes sure that it’s loud enough for hankyung to hear.

Hankyung just ignore him and continue cooking.

“hannie, do you believe in ghost?” Heechul asked suddenly making hankyung dumbfounded. “huh?”—“I said, do you believe in ghosts?”—“no, unless I see one now.”—“what if I tell you I see one just now, would you believe me?”—“no, because you just watched that freaking scary movie and its images is still lingering in your thoughts so stop scaring yourself. Here, let’s eat.” Hankyung then settles the plates on the table revealing loads of yellow Beijing fried rice.


Days passed by with Heechul being more and more terrified of what’s he’s seeing that hankyung can not. As much as he wants to smack hankyung’s head just to believe him yet he can’t what if it really was just his imagination, but then the images gets more and more vivid everytime he saw it.

With his heart thumping hard against his chest he sat up from the bed and looked around, spotting every corner of the room. He breathes out heavily yet satisfied that at last the image of the bloody girl is nowhere to be seen but before he could lie down again he hear ruffling sound beside him and when he turned to look at the cause of the sound he can’t help but to scream his heart out. On his favorite chair, there a girl with blood all over her face and body is sitting, eyeing him-no! Scratch that!- the girl is glaring at him, sending him waves and waves of fright.

He doesn’t notice how long he was screaming since he can’t hear his own voice because of too much fright rising up his spine; he just woke up by an awakening slap from hankyung, he tear up seeing the guy. he reach his hands and ask for a warm hug, without second thoughts hankyung bends down and hugs him patting his back and muffling his cries on his broad chest.

“hannie, I think im going crazy.” He whispered between sobs, he could feel hankyung’s heartbeat and there’s something wrong with it. “no, I saw it too.” he hear hankyung and feel the heart beat faster. He looks up and saw hankyung still daze.

That night the both of them sleep in the living room with lights on hoping that the girl won’t show up if they keep the room bright.


The next morning, yesung, siwon, and sungmin went upstairs to meet Heechul and hankyung and have breakfast with them. This would be the first time since hankyung went to korea for this vacation that this four showed up. They knowhow much this four struggle to their schedule so hankyung made sure that he could give them something good to eat. So he went to the kitchen and cook his famous beijing fried rice. While cooking he forgot about what happen last night good for him but for Heechul, the guy is sitting in one corner still terrified of the last night’s experience.

While eating, sungmin notice heechul’s weird attitude, he bravely ask what’s wrong and as much as hankyung doesn’t want to bother them, Heechul stood up immediately and narrate what really happen to them. The four was still unconvinced to heechul’s story until they saw hankyung’s pale expression.

“but why just now? If there’s a ghost in our dorms why is it now?” yesung asked still unbelieving.

“I don’t know, may be hankyung brought it here. It all started when he came here from china.” Heechul said eyeing hankyung suspiciously. “tell me china man! Did you rape and kill a girl back then? Tell me!tell me!” Heechul then shake hankyung’s shoulder. Hankyung grab his hands and tugs it off him.

“Heechul, what the hell? of course I don’t! And didn’t the girl showed up to you first? May be you did rape and kill a girl before.” –“bastard! You know I don’t have something like that for girls.”

The five thought of what possibly they could do to get rid of the scary image. They thought of calling a psychic but then they remembered that something like this happen to them before, remembering the events in their mystery 6 show siwon suggest praying but having Heechul and hankyung who are both atheist well, good luck for siwon’s plan. Yesung then said that they should go to the psychic as fast as possible so sungmin took his phone out and started dialing a number. Hours later the door bell rings, shindong opened the door immediately revealing an old lady who introduces her self as the psychic, she toured around the house then.

“this house is hunted and the spirit is angry with you.” She said pointing at Heechul. Without further explanation she walks out of the room leaving the guys with lots of questions. “whut the—what kind of psychic is that sungminnie?” Heechul glared at sungmin. “may be the spirit is so powerful it sends her away.” sungmin said.

Having this thought, Heechul got more scared. He slumps down the floor with tiredness but before he landed hankyung caught him for a tight hug. “I’ll protect you.” He whispered in heechul’s ear.


 Week passed and every other the night the ghost girl keeps on appearing yet she hasn’t harm Heechul nor hankyung. And sometimes one of the four will go up stairs and check on them regularly specially sungmin. Another week passed and the girl’s apparition lessens. But when October 31 came.


The door bell rung, yesung opened the door and saw three children wearing their Halloween costumes. He smiled and waits for the kids’ statement.

“trick or treat.” Siwon then came out and hand them a handful of beautifully wrapped chocolates. “that would be treat.” He smiled and bring yesung back in and close the door.

“aish~ those kids are annoying.” Heechul said to yesung and siwon. The two notice the big back bag appearing right under heechul’s eyes. It seemed that the ghost keeps on bothering Heechul. A loud knock was heard again, assuming that it was the kids having their trick por treat, siwon stood up immediately and grab a handful on chocolates. When he opened the door he was shock to see sungmin panting for breath. “hyung? Want some candies?” siwon ask as sungmin pushed him hurriedly inside. “what’s with the rush and the panting?” yesung questioned as he saw what sungmin did.

“i—i—i—saw a…” they all wait for sungmin’s statement to finish. “I saw a ghost!” he shouted and Heechul immediately run to his side, ready to question him. “how does she look like? Is she the same with my description?” Heechul asked worriedly. The other just stared at the two with interest. “yes, the black hair, the red scary eyes, the blood… the only difference is what I saw is real. Real ghost hyung!” Heechul then notice something weird with his statement. “what do you mean real? Do you think im just making up my story about the ghost I see?” sungmin gulp. “I guess I need to say sorry now. Hyung, the girl that you always see is… I made it. I just tried the new computer technic that I’ve learned and I guess it would be great for .. you know, Halloween purposes.” Sungmin confessed. Heechul almost slap sungmin but he can’t since he just remembered the things he did to the other guy. he knows that he’s not that a good hyung, that’s why he understand and besides it’s normal for super junior to play pranks to each other. But Heechul is Heechul, he must get back to sungmin, then he remembered that sungmin doesn’t really like ghosts and from what he hear earlier, sungmin sees a real ghost it means fate is taking duty of punishing sungmin.

“it’s ok, from the very first I know that someone is just playing a prank on me.” Heechul smirk, he was not lying though a part of him really did suspect that maybe just maybe someone is just fooling him but he didn’t expect sungmin to be that guy. “but sungmin, you gotta pay for this eye bags you caused me.” he pat sungmin’s shoulder. Sungmin gulp and for a moment he forgot about the ghost he just saw. “you will do everything that I will say. ok?” sungmin just nodded. This would be the safest thing for him, just obey Heechul coz if he don’t he’s 100% sure that he won’t be there for another morning. “well then…” before Heechul could finish his statement the lights starts to flicker. “great you have a job already. Changed the bulb.” Heechul smiled. “but hyun-.”—“why? You ddon’t want to?”—“no! not that. What I mean is the maintenance guy just changes all the bulbs in every floor early this morning because the neighborhood keeps on complaining about flickering lights for 3 weeks.”—“so what do you mean by that?”—“hyung!!” yesung’s voice echoed, getting all their undivided attention. “what is it yesung. Better make that worth it.”

“there’s a girl in there.” Yesung said pointing at the glass window. “don’t be silly, no one can stand there. There’s no flatform or whatsoever, in case she could float but that can’t be because only….” Realization strikes Heechul as he turn his head to the direction that yesung’s pointing at. A girl is there, almost similar to what always appear in front of him, the only thing is that, this girl is creepier. Sungmin shouted and almost faint as he saw the figure. “that’s her.” He hides at the back of the couch grabbing hankyung’s arm. “hey! Let go of hannie’s arms. Heechul pull him--the truth is Heechul is scared to death and jealous and right now he needs hankyung by his side.

Siwon pulls yesung into a hug and starts murmuring prayers. Yesung just settle himself in between siwon’s strong arms. Sungmin and Heechul keeps on tugging at hankyung’s arms. Moments of flickering lights and the room started to be black. So black they don’t know if they are blinking or not. “hyung~” sungmin whined tightening the grip on hankyung’s right arm. “hannie~” Heechul whispered hugging hankyung’s left arm. Then a small light appear beside the couch, the lamp shade. Heechul is about to cuddle near hankyung when he smell the faint smell of blood and decaying flesh near him he look up only to scream his lungs out as he saw that the one that he and sungmin is clinging to is no other than the bloodied girl. Sungmin and Heechul jump at the same time, letting go of their grip at the decomposing body. Then hankyung came near them and put hands on their shoulders. “where have you been?” Heechul shouted as he hugs hankyung. “ I don’t know.”

“hyung! Im so sorry. I won’t do pranks ever again.” Sungmin cried. Yesung and siwon invites him to a comforting hug. Siwon keeps on praying and yesung is comforting sungmin with his angelic voice. “Heechul.” The low voice got their attention. The ghost girl is calling heechul’s name which sends Goosebumps to them. “what do you want?” hankyung shouted, turning his back to the ghost to hide Heechul. “I want… I want… kim heechul’s… autograph.” the ghost girl floats towards hankyung’ and heechul’s side. She took a pink note book out and a pink pen out, handing it to Heechul.  Heechul push hankyung a bit and reached for the note and pen. He signed the note and the girl smiled at her as he hands the things back. The other four guys stared at the ghost in pure stupidity as the girl keeps on bowing and blabbing words they can’t absorb anymore. “sorry for scaring you. Im just a very big fan of kim Heechul and super junior and…  oh don’t worry siwon oppa, I didn’t kill myself. I got cancer and that causes my death, just decided to pay you a visit before I go.” thing like that, the ghost seems to be a fangirl. Then hankyung  was caught off guard as the girl hands him the same note and pen. “sign here too.” he girl smiled. He signed it and the girl said “thank you. Sungmin oppa, siwon oppa, and yesung oppa, sign too please.” When they all finish signing the girl’s creepy appearance change into something more angelic and bow to them. Then she vanishes in to the thin air.

That night, the five lay on the floor of the living room thinking of what just happen to them. “she said she’s been looking for our room for 3 weeks. so that’s why the light’s keep on flickering at every room. She said she’s our fan, that’s why when she saw sungmin she rush after him and then follows him to the dorm. She said she’s our fan that’s why when she died because of cancer she decided to pay a visit…” siwon breathe a long sigh. “I can’t understand anything.” Yesung put his hand on top of siwon’s chest. “me too.” then he snuggle closer. Sungmin and Heechul are still blankly staring at the ceiling while holding hankyung’s hands. “sungmin, I said let go of hannie’s hand.”—“hyung, just let me until ryeowook comes back.” Then they all stay silent. But then the door swang open revealing a very happy Leeteuk, followed by four other happy people.

“oh! What happened here?” Leeteuk asked once they all entered the room. Sungmin stood up immediately and run towards ryeowook and give the little guy a bear hug. “hyung? What’s wrong?” sungmin just tighten his hug on ryeowook and ryeowook unaware of what just happen hugs sungmin back.

“hyung, would you believe us if we tell you that a ghost fangirl went to our dorm and scared us to death only to get our autographs?” Heechul sits up. Leeteuk nodded. “yes.” The five guys look at Leeteuk questioning. “I said yes! We just saw her downstairs. She asked for our autograph too.” then the five males fainted.

Meanwhile, the contented fangirl started her journey to heaven. She smiled angelically as she hugs the autographed notebook in her chest.  Going to the dorms of super junior is the best plan she could think of, and she acted it out perfectly gaining her the autographs of her idol. And from now everything would be in it’s proper way.


Tags: fanfics, halloween, hangeng/heechul, sjfic challenge, sungmin/ryeowook, super junior, yesung/siwon
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